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Funding for the development of new plays through the Ojai Playwrights Conference comes from many sources including private donors, foundation grants, and the annual Gala benefit.

Join us as a donor – and support our mission to develop works for the American theatre that address compelling social, political and cultural issues of our time, and nurture a new generation of playwrights through our intern program and youth workshops.

The Ojai Playwrights Conference is a 501c-3 non-profit organization.

Prefer to send a check?
Donations may be mailed to:

Ojai Playwrights Conference
P. O. Box 1288
Ojai, CA 93024

Please indicate what your donation is for and how you would like to be recognized. Thank you!

For more information about donor opportunities please contact: Mark Seldis, OPC Managing Director



Join us as a Benefactor, Patron or Sponsor for the Summer Conference and New Works Festival.


OPC’s mission remains unshakable – to develop plays and artists committed to building a better world by addressing the great political, social and ethical challenges of our day. Support this mission and play a leading role in the Ojai Playwrights Conference:


  • Sponsor the entire two-week Ojai Playwrights Conference including the New Works Festival

  • Recognition and full-page ad in the Festival program

  • Benefactor acknowledgement from the stage prior to every public performance event

  • Invitation to Opening Night Dinner for OPC Company

  • Four All-Access Festival Passes, or tickets to select events

  • Annual listing on OPC website


  • Underwrite one playwright for entire Conference

  • Recognition and half-page ad in Festival program

  • Acknowledgement from stage prior to sponsored event(s)

  • Two All-Access Festival Passes, or tickets to select events

  • Annual listing on OPC website


  • Underwrite one OPC New Play Workshop or Intersections Series Event

  • Recognition and quarter page ad in Festival program

  • Acknowledgement from stage prior to sponsored event

  • Two All-Access Festival Passes, or tickets to select events

  • Annual listing on OPC website


  • Help to underwrite one OPC New Play reading

  • Recognition in Festival program

  • Acknowledgement from stage prior to co-sponsored reading

  • One All-Access Festival Pass, or tickets to select events

  • Annual listing on OPC website

For more information about OPC donor opportunities please contact: Mark Seldis, OPC Managing Director



Thank you to our generous benefactors, patrons, sponsors and donors who support the development of new plays.

The list below reflects annual donations and pledges for our current fiscal year, from October 1, 2018 thru August 20, 2019



Conference Benefactors


Freya and Mark Ivener

Lyn and Norman Lear

National Endowment for the Arts

Judy and Michael Ovitz

Ressler Gertz Family Foundation

Playwright Patrons

Laurie Bernhard

John Deknatel and John Seddon

Susan Grode

Mark and Cathy Helm

Lee Rosenberg

Pete and Iona Tompkins

Wang Family Foundation



Patrick J. Adams

Jon Robin Baitz

Dana Delany

Kerry English and Olga Garay-English

Helene Gordon

Debra Breslow Grace

Sam Hamann

The Lillian Hellman Fund

Will and Wendi Knox

Hawk and Molly Koch

Liza and Conan O’Brien

Jim and Beth Preminger

Nancy Seltzer

Carl Thelander

Patty Waltcher

April Webster



Yvonne Bell

Roy Conli and Mary Sherwood

Susie Cronin

Olga Garay-English

Hanson & Sasha Gifford

Ara Guzelimian & Janet Clough

Kathlyn T. Hendricks

Catherine Kimmel

Luci Baines Johnson

Conan and Liza O’Brien

Amy Segal

Allison Thomas

($1,000 to $1,500)

Hannah Cox

Alan Mandell

Chris Schmidt

Dana Stevens

Laurie Ziegler



The Helene Gordon Family Foundation




Julie Bloomer

Fran Chamberlain

Ginger and Jeff Craft

Pamela Grau

Deidrie Henry

Chris Schmidt

Susie Stitt



($400 to $500)

Stephen Belber

Bret Bradigan/Ojai Quarterly

Roy Conli

David Coiro

Madeline Puzo

Dana Stevens

Charlotte Stoudt


Jon Robin Baitz, Trustee, Lillian Hellman Fund

Keith Bunin

Daniel Feldman

Mellisa Grey

Daniel Gunther

Christine Klotz Haney & Timothy Haney

Miranda Heller

Thomas Higgins

Madeline Huberth

Deanna Maclellean

Gillian McManus & Chris Newell

Cindy Murray

Michael J. Shapiro & Louise M. Sandhaus

Mark and Brenda Sims

John C. Spokes

Matthew Toledo

($100 to $200)

Jamie Bennett

Laura Dekkers

Charles Dillingham

Howard Goldberg

Sidney Kanazawa

Nancy Keystone

Ron Lagomarsino

Susan Miller

James Morrison

Kyra Rogers

Patrica Ronca

Casey Stangl & John Spokes

Sandra Youman


Exclusive Wine Sponsor

Ojai Alisal Vineyard


The Ojai Playwrights Conference is proud to be in residence at Besant Hill School




"Thanks to Ojai, I found my playwright's grit, joy and sense of community again at a time when I was running precious low on all three. I love the Ojai experience, Robert Egan and all the wonderful people he has gathered around him to make Ojai the Garden of Eden  for playwrights."

– TerRence McNally



Invest in our next generation of playwrights and artists.


Emerging ARTISTS Fund

One of the hallmarks of the OPC program is the support it provides to emerging playwrights. Each and every year there are artists just entering the world of professional theatre who need support to develop, solidify and promote their plays. Writers like Christopher Gabriel Nunez, Ruby Rae Spiegel, Richard Cabral, Trieu Tran, Danai Gurira, Will Arbery and so many others have benefited by participation as an emerging artist in the Ojai Playwrights Conference.

Help us to provide the OPC experience to emerging artists who desire to create compelling new works for American theatre. 

Your gift of $1,000 will help defray the costs of travel, housing, food, workshop personnel and management services. In appreciation for your generous support, you will be recognized as a donor to this fund in our program book and on the OPC website.


OPC Interns are college students from across the country who are selected to come to Ojai for the Conference and Festival weeks. They act as literary or directing assistants for the new play workshops; participate in a writing workshop with OPC playwrights and dramaturgs; write and perform an original solo piece as part of the New Works Festival; and assist OPC staff with overall operations and logistics.

The Intern Program offers an invaluable opportunity for young theatre artists to learn in a professional environment and chart their career course. We seek interns who have a passion to continue the mission of OPC in their future work, which is to create theatre that promotes a just and more humane world and planet.

We seek support to provide scholarship aid to support those worthy, diverse students who cannot afford the fee to participate in the OPC Intern program and the associated travel costs to and from Ojai. The fees cover a shared dorm room at Besant Hill School, meals, and writing workshops for two weeks.  

Support the future leaders of the American theatre with a donation to the Intern Scholarship Program. 

Your gift of $1,000 will help to fund the expenses of one out-of-town Intern. In appreciation for your generous support, you will be recognized as a donor to this fund in our program book and on the OPC website.

Youth Workshop Scholarships

Through the OPC Youth Workshop, high school students are led through the week-long process of writing, developing and presenting their own dramatic works, under the tutelage of veteran writing and acting coach Kim Maxwell. Participants are also visited throughout the week by OPC’s featured playwrights, actors, directors and dramaturgs who guide the students through writing and acting exercises, lead inspiring Q&As and offer dramaturgical/editorial support on their work.

The scholarship program provides tuition to these young artists in need, creating a classroom rich in economic and sociopolitical diversity. This diversity makes a better, more impactful workshop for everyone involved.

Help OPC nurture the next generation of theater artists with a donation to the Youth Scholarship Program. 

Your gift of $500 will help defray the cost of student tuition, program staff, and other related expenses. In appreciation for your donation, you will be recognized as a donor to this fund in our program book and on the OPC website.

Donations at all levels of giving are greatly appreciated!   CLICK HERE to make a general donation. 



OPC Gala Benefit

For the past several years, OPC has hosted a festive gathering of patrons and artists for an evening of exceptional entertainment and farm-to-table fare to raise funds for the Ojai Playwrights Conference.


Scenes from recent OPC GalaS HELD IN OJAI, CALIFORNIA



"There was a trueness to the work that never allowed one to disassociate. It was transcending to be among all of that realness and dedication, all the challenging perspectives, and be allowed to stand in any room simply as who I am. No pandering, no games to play."

Ren Santiago